McCafé is a full line extension of McDonald’s with its own carefully crafted brand identity. The brand is rooted in the idea of Premium Roast coffee and authentic specialty coffee drinks paired with quality foods, and married with the value and convenience of McDonald’s.

Following a National brand repositioning campaign, McCafé needed to build on its existing product offerings and reinforce its share in the premium coffee market. Our challenge was to find a way to link the national McCafé brand to the unique tastes of the Atlantic Canadian market.

“A New Way to Café” is about giving permission to leave regular routines behind and try something different with McCafé. It’s a new way to savour authentic specialty and Premium Roast coffee, take a break with a perfectly paired baked fresh pastry, and experience a true café experience.

Research showed that Atlantic Canadians overwhelmingly prefer sweet, rich, and flavoured, dessert type coffees. Not only do they prefer sweet specialty coffees, but they savour their coffee and view it as a ‘treat’. We travelled throughout Atlantic Canada and offered free McCafé specialty coffees to real Atlantic Canadians and captured their experiences.


McDonald’s Canada is one of the world’s leading foodservice retailers. From coast to coast, they serve delicious choices to more than 2.5 million people in over 1,400 locations every day.


Agency: Cossette

Account Director: Maude Drouin-Halou

Account Manager: Sarah Densmore

Art Director/Graphic Designer: Greg Dubeau

Copywriter: Brad Dykema

Video Production: Accomplice Content Supply Company

Executive Producer: Mike Masters

Producer: Kristen Dionne

Director: Charles Wahl

Director of Photography: Guy Godfree

Colour Correct: Alter Ego

Food Stylist: Noah Witenoff


McDonald’s restaurants in Atlantic Canada increased their McCafé coffee sales by over 150% during our campaign.

Atlantic Canadian McCafé coffee and bakery item sales remained elevated above the national average past our campaigns lifetime.

Our campaign played a vital role in contributing to a national increase in McCafé coffee sales of over 35% during the promotional period.