The rooms suck. The beds suck. The food sucks. The random roommates…yeah, you guessed it—they also suck.

Killam Apartments REIT is the largest landlord in Atlantic Canada. During the academic school year, Halifax alone has an influx of 30,000 students into the downtown core.

Killam challenged us to design a B2C marketing campaign targeting post-secondary students who either lived in residence or lived off campus and were looking for a new apartment.

Moving from residence into your very own Killam apartment is a victory—but in this digital campaign, we act as if it’s the single most important victory in the history of humankind.


Clicking through each video led to a provisional landing page on that encouraged the audience to enter a contest for a chance to win $500 and a month of free rent with Killam. Each entry produced an interstitial social media post containing a link to the video, and also provided an opportunity to tag a friend to encourage them to enter the contest as well.


Killam Apartment REIT is one of Canada’s largest residential landlords, owning, operating, managing and developing a $2.7 billion portfolio of apartments and manufactured home community properties. Killam’s properties are located in Atlantic Canada’s six largest urban centres, Ontario, and Alberta.


Agency: Cossette

Account Director: Maude Drouin-Halou

Account Executive: Jena McCulloch

Art Director/Designer: Greg Dubeau

Copywriter: Brad Dykema

Video Production: Buoy Marketing + Production

Producer: Don Veinish

Producer/Director: Ben Bennett

Director of Photography: Kevin Fraser

Web Designer: Mike Caines


Killam’s student campaign overachieved in every measurable digital outcome.

The benchmark goal of 150,000 views was smashed by receiving 573,380 views on YouTube and Facebook.

The series of three videos made 3,025,060 impressions with a view rate of 28.95%.

We achieved a click through rate of 2.44% and 14,100 website visits, with 85.6% new visitors.