Killam Apartments REIT is the largest landlord in Atlantic Canada and one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the country.

Since 2013, Killam has run an annual ‘free rent for a year’ campaign to promote their brand and grow their brand recognition, with the ultimate goal of acquiring new tenants and increasing their number of leases signed.

Our challenge was to launch a new ‘free rent’ campaign that would create increased national visibility for the Killam brand in highly saturated rental markets in Ontario, Alberta, and Atlantic Canada.

We needed to be bold to differentiate Killam from their conservative-minded competition, so we designed a simple, yet provocative message to promote Killam’s free rent campaign.

What is the ultimate interpretation of living free?

Living free is living naked.


Our creative campaign pivoted on short videos illustrating the life of Killam tenants living naked and free of rent…or any other kind of worry in the world.

We executed our campaign equally across traditional and digital media platforms to broaden the communicate to all of Killam’s target audiences between 18–65.


How did we do during the promotional period?

Killam increased leases signed in their largest market, Nova Scotia, by 11%.
Killam exceeded their 2016 signed lease projections by 7%.
Killam lowered their Nova Scotia vacancy rate from 4.6% to 3.7%.
Killam lowered their national vacancy rate from 4.9% to 4.5%.


Art Director/Designer: Greg Dubeau
Copywriter: Brad Dykema
Account Executive: Jena McCulloch
Strategist: Sam Abudayyeh 
Video Production: Buoy Marketing + Production
Producer: Don Veinish
Producer/Director: Ben Bennett
Director of Photography: Kevin Fraser
Photographer: Kelci MacDonald
Design Intern: Karen Lewis
Design Intern: Becky Ryan