“If you’re looking for a place to inspire your creativity, consider Nova Scotia.”

Gwenael Héliou – Studio Manager, Ubisoft


NSBI contacted us with a unique challenge—an international social marketing campaign to increase awareness of Nova Scotia as a desirable place to live. The target audience—coastal Western Europeans—in particular, Canadian ex-pats. Our goal was to bring them back home. Starting here, liveherens.com.

The sponsored ad campaign leveraged pre-existing creative content provided by the Atlantic Canadian magazine, Maritime Edit. The editorial content featured Ubisoft Studio Manager, Gwenael Heliou, a Canadian immigrant who runs Ubisoft’s only North American mobile gaming studio in Halifax.


We focussed heavily on mobile devices—not only as an ad platform, but as visual inspiration for creative execution.

The copy layout for the static ads not only beat the Instagram’s “20% rule”—it thrived. Gwen’s testimonials were designed to mimic a familiarity all user share with their mobile devices—text message culture.


"Surrounded by the outdoors...it's refreshing. I love it"

Gwenael Héliou – Studio Manager, Ubisoft


"After working in Montréal for so long, Nova Scotia is home now."

Gwenael Héliou – Studio Manager, Ubisoft


Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI) work towards building a strong, thriving and globally competitive Nova Scotia through attracting global investment to create new jobs across the province and working with companies in all communities to be more successful exporters.


Partner Agency: m5

Account Lead: Tyler MacLeod 

Account Manager: Emily van den Hoogen

Creative Director: Bruce Whelan

Art Director/Graphic Designer: Greg Dubeau

Graphic Designer: Erin Tilley

Copywriter: Adam Sterling

Video and Photography: Maritime Edit

Media Strategist: Emmanuel Xidos


Impressions: 2,891,687 (+411%)

Reach: 536,086 (+245%)

Video views: 83,466 (+178%)

Clicks: 30,210 (+907%)

View rate for YouTube pre-roll videos: +20%

Social engagement rate: 3.77 (+65%)