The Municipality of East Hants is growing and wants everyone to know they’re open for business and have the time and space to accommodate all of their modern needs. Situated between the bustling Halifax Regional Municipality and the scenic Bay of Fundy, East Hants offers the opportunity for balance in relation to the quality of life its community provides, as well as the growing business climate that is developing.

East Hants is a region that has a certain type of romance. Its gentle separation from the hustle-and-bustle of the big city, its pride in its community ties, and its envious placement amongst the natural beauty of Nova Scotia makes it a desirable place to live and do business.


The Business Investment Guide is a key marketing tool used to communicate the commercial value and investment potential rife within East Hants. The magazine-like guide was designed for brevity and impact by animating key stats, utilizing maps for geographic context, and sharing regional business success stories.


The Physician Recruitment Guide gives a peek into the soul of East Hants by showing how authentic work-life balance can be for medical professionals. The guide focuses on the deep connection the East Hants community shares with the scenic landscape, its growing community, and the adventurous spirit they share.

We used a series of maps to relay information about locations, landmarks, and boundary lines unique to the East Hants municipality. Illustrating East Hants’ strategic location in relation to Nova Scotia’s provincial thoroughfares and larger cities provided a greater understanding to how key their central location is key to commercial and residential opportunities.



The Municipality of East Hants is a district municipality in Hants County, NS. With its central connected location and close access to the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), East Hants is a fast-growing region for both commercial opportunities and small community living.


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