Know cannabis better.

Canngaroo is a growing voice in the online cannabis marketplace that conveniently connects consumers with partner shops and brands. As their user base and web traffic increased, they decided to solidify their service offering by simplifying their visual language and user experience.

We worked together to redesign their website’s user interface to be more aligned with the demands and desires of the modern cannabis consumer.


The Canngaroo ScoreTM is a proprietary metric designed by Canngaroo to help customers make better informed cannabis purchasing decisions. This mark of quality is consistently used throughout the user experience and embodies the spirit of Canngaroo and the unique service they provide their users.

We modernized the design to increase clarity on all networks and devices.


Colour played a strategic role in the navigation of the customer journey. We maintained the equity bound in the original “strain colour palette”, while adding agreeable green to emphasize value statements and actionable red to guide the user’s path through interactive elements such as buttons, links, and calls to action.



Canngaroo is a cannabis marketplace that conveniently connects consumers with partner shops and brands. Users can easily compare strains, products and businesses using their proprietary Canngaroo ScoreTM to make better informed purchasing decisions.


Web Design: immediac

Software Developer: Daniel Stout