Young student previewing artwork on a tablet.

Teaching Canadian youth the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through artwork and artefacts.

Aga Khan Foundation Canada + Aga Khan Museum

Committed to breaking the cycle of poverty, Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) is an international development organization and registered Canadian charity. Since 1980, they have improved millions of lives in Africa and Asia, working in partnership with the Government of Canada and diverse Canadian institutions and individuals.

The Aga Khan Museum presents and collects art from historically significant Muslim civilizations as well as contemporary Muslim communities and diasporas around the world.

World Map

Key to AKFC’s public engagement approach is working with Canadian educators to deepen their understanding of global issues, international development, and empower educators with tools and strategies to engage their students in active global citizenship. As part of this work, AKFC embarked on an educational project named Teaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Through Art. Each toolkit focuses on a lesson plan that examines specific United Nations (UN) SGDs through the lens of art and artefacts from the Aga Khan Museum.

The United Nationas Sustainable Development Goals.
Front covers of all four toolkits.
Icons on booklet spread
Cover and spread from toolkit 6.
Sample pages with various lessons.
High school student at home filing out an activity that is part of toolkit 6.
Elementary school student filling out an activity in a workbook while previewing the lesson on a laptop.
Youth laying on the couch previewing a lesson plan on a tablet.
High school students collaborating on a group project in front of a computer monitor previewing an activity from toolkit 15.
High school student presenting a lesson from toolkit 3.