The Access to Quality Care through Extending and Strengthening Health Systems (AQCESS) project, which was administered from 2016–2020, was designed to significantly improve maternal, newborn and child health outcomes for approximately 1.4 million direct beneficiaries in targeted areas of Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, and Pakistan.

Map of Kenya
Map of Mali
Map of Pakistan

Led by Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC), AQCESS accelerated the reduction of maternal and child mortality and morbidity by improving the availability and utilization of essential health services for pregnant women, newborns and children under five.

Throughout the lifetime of the project, baseline (B) and endline (E) assessments were conducted through a qualitative and quantitative lens. The final data collected by the study was designed into a series of infographic briefs using a range of data visualization. The objective of the infographics was to create an easy to understand overview of the AQCESS program approaches and achievements that could spark discussion about the overall impact of the project in relation to its key performance indicators.

Animated graph displaying the percentage of women in Mozambique who attended antenatal care at least four times during pregnancy by any provider for reasons related to pregnancy.
Chart showing the percentage of mothers and newborns who received postnatal care within two days of childbirth.
Infographic of percentage of births attended by a trained physician.
Graph showing the percentage of women supported by their spouse, partner, and family member in accessing maternal services (ANC).
Graph showing the percentage of target health facilities with adequate infection control protocols in place.
Female presenter pointing out graph trends during presentation.
Close up photo of individual accessing the infographic report on a tablet.


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